Knee Operations and Procedures


General Principles Rehabilitation

Exercises need to be done 4 – 5 times per day: little and often is better than an extensive overload period.

Pain, heat and increasing swelling in the knee are potentially bad: Any of these symptoms can mean that exercises are being overdone. This is unlikely to indicate a serious problem, but these symptoms should be discussed with the physiotherapist.

The difference between good and bad pain: After major knee surgery the knee will be sore. It is important to understand that discomfort is normal - particularly when doing some of the stretching exercises. The knee may also ache after an exercise session. This is expected and normal so long as it is not associated with any significant increase in swelling. ‘Bad pain’ is usually sharp and severe in nature. It may be brought on by pushing too hard, and it may be accompanied by an increase in swelling. Activities causing such a problem should be stopped and advice sought from the physiotherapist.

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