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Episurf Partial Resurfacing

Episurf Partial Resurfacing

Episurf is a specialist company who have pioneered a customised metal implant for partial resurfacing of the knee

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Mr Spalding is on the medical advisory board for the company Episurf and has produced a surgical technique video.

EPISURF Post Operative Rehabilitation

rehabilitation (n.) recovery, improvement The action of restoring someone to health or normal life through training and therapy after illness. Commonly referred to in its shortened version, “rehab”.

Episurf produce the Episealer®: a product designed for patients who have a cartilage lesion with an underlying bone defect. In young patients these defects are often treated ‘biologically’. Once this window of opportunity has passed and lasting biologic treatments are no longer an option, Episurf produce an innovative treatment option. Episurf have developed technology that allows your surgeon to customise a solution, tailor-made for every patient, targeting only the damaged cartilage. The implant is designed to stop or delay the need for joint replacement and restore your normal function, whilst reducing your pain.

To ensure a perfect fit, the implant is customised based on your anatomy and the area of damaged cartilage, using details obtained from specialised MRI scans.

The implant is manufactured using cobalt chrome alloy. The underside is sprayed with a layer of pure titanium and a top coat of hydroxyapatite on the underside. Once in contact with bone, these specialised materials enable your body to grow onto the implant to keep it firmly in place. The top surface of the implant is polished to an ultra-smooth finish to ensure a smooth articulation in your knee.

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