Knee Operations and Procedures


Knee Operations

Knee Operations

If an operation is recommended then you will be given a procedure code for the operation to give to your insurance company in order to seek confirmation of approval. You may need a brief general health assessment by the outpatient nurses in order to confirm fitness for surgery.

Procedure for booking an operation
Sometimes a date for surgery will be agreed with Mr Spalding at the time of the clinic appointment but usually it is best to call Nicki on 01926 772731 to discuss appropriate dates.

After an operation
On discharge from hospital you will be given an appointment for removal of sutures and detail on arranging the first post operative physiotherapy/rehabilitation appointment.You will usually be sent a copy of the operation report to show your physiotherapist as it is important that as much information as possible is passed on. You should clarify the amount of time required off work with Mr Spalding before undergoing the operation so that you can make appropriate arrangements.

Consent Form Information Sheets

  • Attachment -  Knee Arthroscopy Consent and Information : download
  • Attachment -ACL Reconstruction Consent and Information : download
  • Attachment - Knee Replacement Consent and Information : download


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