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Meniscal Transplantation

The meniscus is a ā€˜Cā€™ shaped structure that acts as a cushion to protect the smooth joint surfaces of the knee joint. There are two ā€“ one on each side of the knee joint - and if removed at an operation following injury then there is less protection of the bearing surfaces such that the joint will wear out sooner. The symptoms will include pain and swelling of the knee after activity and limitation in tolerance of impact type sports. Symptoms may gradually get worse over the years as the joint slowly wears.


Overall meniscal transplant is an exciting option for the damaged knee allowing for substantial improvement in the quality of life.

Though a challenging procedure with a long rehabilitation program, the technique alone or when combined with other surgery, provides a realistic biological option for knees, hopefully avoiding, or at least delaying, the need for metal and plastic knee replacement operation

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