After A Meniscal Repair

After your operation, it is important you follow these guidelines in order to make sure that your repaired meniscus heals in the best possible way:

• Knee Brace: Knee is kept straight in brace and weight bearing is allowed on the straight knee. When sitting, the brace may be unlocked and moved to a 90 degree angle. Keep brace on at night until it is comfortable enough to sleep without it. The brace is used for 1 month.
• After 4 Weeks: Brace can be removed and full weight bearing is allowed. Any form of squatting or twisting must be avoided at least for the first 3 months. Cycling and swimming is allowed after 1 month.
• Sports: Rehabilitation back to sports such as running is allowed after 3 months. Sports involving twisting and pivoting should be delayed until 4 to 6 months after your meniscal repair. This time frame needs to be checked with your surgeon as it can vary between people.
• Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy is advised to help you through the rehabilitation process in order to build strength in your leg and get you back to doing your regular activities.

It is essential that weight is kept off the bent knee early on in the rehabilitation process and that sports involving twisting and pivoting should be avoided for at least 3 months after a meniscal repair. This is because the sutures holding the meniscus together are very delicate at the early stages of healing, and any pressure applied to the sutures – such as from walking, running or twisting – can cause the sutures to break. If this occurs, another surgery is necessary to repair the meniscus again!

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